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Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts

Many of our hotels participate in online booking options.  Check out our broad range of hotel and motel options below, everything from quaint bed and breakfasts to world-class resorts and more! For your convenience, they are organized by region: West Pasco & the Gulf Beaches, Central Pasco (Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Land O' Lakes) and historic East Pasco (Dade City & Zephyrhills).


West Pasco & Gulf Beaches

The West Market Area also known as The Harbors includes the coastal and inland areas along U.S. 19 and Little Road corridors, from North County Line to South County Line. The West market area focuses on water features and eco-tourism.  

Airepka • Hudson Beach • Port Richey • New Port Richey • Trinity • Holiday


Central Pasco- The Midlands & Gateway Crossings

The Central Market Area comprises the central portions of the County (although it is interrupted by the South Market Area as it runs north/south along portions of the Suncoast Parkway and I-75). This Market Area is primarily categorized as supporting suburban development. 

Land O Lakes • Lutz • Wesley Chapel

East Pasco- The Highlands

This Area is an area that preserves a small-town lifestyle with a sustainable development pattern, protecting its natural resources. It encompasses the cities of Dade City and Zephyrhills, with conservation lands on the edge, creating a rural to suburban character.

San Antonio • St. Leo • Dade City • Zephyrhills